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Introduction of Qatar

Qatar's economic structure has been heavily dependent on oil and gas and has reformed its policies to cope with the effect of declining oil prices, reassure and stimulate the private sector, and continue the efforts to intensify diversification, economy flexibility and liberalization.

The efforts were very successful and resulted in the establishment of many heavy industries such as, iron and steel, petrochemical industries and cement industries. In addition, the inauguration of Ras Laffan industrial city and Qatar Liquefied Natural Gas Company, helped Qatar embark on the gas era in record time.

Qatar has signed a number of agreements with several countries on economic, commercial and technical cooperation, joint venture investment protection and tax duplicity prevention in line with the state efforts to strengthen economic relations with the world and consequently attract foreign investments. The importance of these agreements is reflected in the legal guarantees they provide for the economic activities of national and foreign investors inside Qatar and abroad.

Start Business in QATAR


The Law No. (11) of the year 1981 regulating the commercial companies and hereinafter summary of the terms of establishment of companies in Qatar.

Partnership Company

Partnership in Commendams Company (Joint Partnership)

Commandant Partnership by Share Company

The Limited Liability Company

Joint Stock Company

Closed Stock Company

Joint Venture Company

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The Contact Center can be reached via telephone at 109 (inside Qatar), 44069999 or by fax at 44069998 or live chat. The e-mail address is

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